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Ann-Marie Judd



My Story

Welcome, My name is Ann-Marie, I started my Scentsy business in April of 2011. For many years, I was a crafter who made scented products such as smelly jelly air fresheners, reed stick diffusers and other time consuming crafts, selling them at craft fairs.  When a friend invited me to my first Scentsy party, I was hooked! It wasn’t just warmers and wax. These were hand-crafted beautiful wickless warmers that melted a simple yet amazing smelling wax which lingered throughout the house. After talking with the Scentsy Consultant that night, I knew my late nights of filling jars, packaging and lugging heavy boxes were over! There was so much more opportunity with the Scentsy business. Since then the line has expanded including a kids, laundry and cleaning, as well as a skin line! Today, there are  exquisite essential oil diffusers also! With a passion and a motivational Scentsy family, the opportunities are endless!  

What's warming in my home